10 Good Reasons to Travel to the Middle East

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In the past couple of decades, the Middle East has become one of the most sought after travel destinations in the world. But why this sudden surge? What has happened in the Middle East that people now want to travel enjoy this unique destination? If you too are thinking about visiting here, here are 10 good reasons to travel to the Middle East that are also bringing in tourists from all over the world.

Relaxed Visas

Over the years, the visa rules have been relaxed quite a bit, even in the strict Islamic ruled nations. These countries have opened their doors to the whole world, and have even put out the red carpet to welcome them. Therefore, getting a tourist visa to any of the Middle Eastern nations has become easy, and hassle-free. Also, there are many tour service providers that actually help tourists with the whole process.

Promoting Tourism  

Fossil Fuel is a non-renewable energy resource, and it is getting lesser by the day. The Middle Eastern nations are now shifting their economy to a tourism based economy. This has given emergence to cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, etc, that are amazing tourist attractions. Therefore, you will find many tourist exclusive experiences all over the Middle East.


Taxes are considered wrong in Islam. Therefore, many Middle Eastern countries do not collect taxes or even have taxes on goods and services. This makes them an amazing place to shop for duty-free products. From the latest electronics to even gold, you will get it all at cheap prices, and this is one of the major reasons why shopaholics from all over the world are heading here.


If you are still wondering why to travel to the Middle East, consider the attractions that await you here. Seeing the potential of the Middle East, many world famous theme park franchises have opened up theme parks here. There are also many world record breaking attractions like the world’s tallest skyscraper, world’s only Ferrari theme park, world’s largest aquarium, and world’s only indoor ski lodge and mountain. These are just some of the crazy things you can experience in the Middle East.


Probably the biggest reason to come to the Middle East is the affordable tour prices. Since the Middle East is aiming to increase tourist numbers, tour and holiday package prices have become quite affordable for all. There’s healthy competition amongst tour operators and tourists can get awesome itineraries full of the best attractions and experiences for good prices. Therefore, this is the best time to come to the Middle East.


If there are affordable experiences, the Middle East also is home to the most decadent, luxurious experiences. From limousine tours to aeroplane tours, to gold dispensing ATMs, you can get it all here. All the world’s finest luxurious hotel franchises and brands have hotels in the Middle East. This place is also home to the world’s only 7-star hotel. Therefore, if you want to experience the best in luxury and hospitality, come to the Middle East.


One off the strongest reasons to holiday in the Middle East is to experience the culture. Despite becoming ultra-modern nations, the Middle Eastern nations have also held on to their rich heritage and culture. And you, as a tourist, can experience this culture. From Abu Dhabi cultural attractions like desert safaris, falcon hospital, heritage village, to desert, sea and mountain tours, there’s a lot you can see and do here and relive the lives the old Arab people used to live.

Ultra-Modern Cities

Like mentioned before, the Middle East now has many ultra-modern cities that that are pushing the boundaries of the future. Cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, and Doha are taking the region into the future with their modern architecture, development, science and tourism. One awesome example is the Palm Islands in Dubai that are man-made islands in the shape of the palm trees and the world. These pathbreaking creation triggered the creation of many man-made islands all around the world.

It’s Different

Nowhere else on Earth will you find any place like the Middle East. Despite the harsh weather conditions, life has thrived here. The geographical conditions are quite different and somewhat weird. In some areas there are mountains full of greenery and wadis full of water, and some regions there’s desert that actually goes up to the coast. The coastline too keeps changing from untouched beaches to thriving mangroves. Mother Nature has kept things different here. You cannot experience such geography anywhere else in the world.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Though, this happens only in the U.A.E. – Dubai to be more specific, the DSF still is a huge part of the whole Middle Eastern experience. This is the place to experience all that Middle East is famous for – shopping, luxury, festivities, food and crazy winnings. The DSF is something every world traveller must experience at least once. It takes place towards the end of the year, and you can get discounts as high as 75% on products that are already cheap owing Dubai’s tax-free status. The Dubai Shopping Festival is an integral part of the whole Middle Eastern experience and a great reason to come here.

The above mentioned are just 10 good reasons to travel to the Middle East, but once you come here, you will find more reasons to keep returning here every year. Such is the brilliance of the Middle East.

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