10 Strange Things in The UAE That’ll Send You Rushing to Buy Your Tickets!

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The emirates of the UAE are very interesting, unique and yes, it has to be said, really weird too. Air-conditioned bus stops, anyone? Yes, all over the UAE, you’ll find that bus stops are air conditioned, because otherwise it’s quite possible you’ll die of sunstroke while waiting for your bus. All the fun, strange stuff that goes in the UAE will tickle your funny bone. You’ll want to check them out for yourself, and we say aye! Book your tickets today, and see what you’ve been missing all this while!

  1. People and Their Four-Wheeled Pets!

luxurious cars dubai

90% of the cars on the highways cost thousands of dollars – let’s talk Bentleys, Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Rolls Royces. If there’s a traffic jam, you can be sure it’s because of the long, wide cars that some people like. They’re like two cars welded together, with four front seats and many at the back. They need plenty of room to move about, for sure! Oh, and how about a car plated entirely in gold? You can see stuff like that in the UAE. Then you start to wonder – where are the middle-class people? They’re there but mostly they use the MRT and the bus service, thank you very much. Why not visit Abu Dhabi and see this for yourself?

  1. Innovative Solutions To Beat Traffic Jams!

avoiding traffic dubai

So you own a fancy, uber-expensive car but you cannot drive it on the road today because the traffic is moving slowly. In fact, it’s getting jammed in places. So what do you do? You call for your private chopper to come and pick you up and carry you and your car in a suspension hammock to a point beyond the jam where you can rev up and put your car through its paces. Oh yes – we call that a move to beat all jams!

  1. People With Their Huge 4-Legged Pets

pets in dubai

And had you heard about this one? Take a stroll down any fancy street in the UAE and you’ll find people taking their pets out for a walk. So sweet, right? Well, some of these pets are over 8 feet tall, they keep drooling yuck stuff, and they can be really rude and bad tempered. Or they can be huge, spotted, and bare long fangs at you. Yes, camels, tigers, lions and leopards are the pets of the Richie Riches of this oil-rich country. And the pets get expensive treats – say, a huge dolphin thrown on a lawn for them to chew on? Make a pet of a deadly creature and it raises your self-esteem by heaps. Guess what else? People sometimes tie their camels up in parking lots, right next to those pricey Lamborghinis! Get a load of that!

  1. Robots Racing Camels!

robot racing camels

Young camels are very temperamental and can easily throw the rider off, so the UAE camel racers use robotic jockeys to train them. Apparently, young kids were used for training camels prior to the let’s-not-harm-our-kids move in 2002. So now it’s robots weighing 4 kilograms each. And when they get thrown off, a bit of rewiring and a bit of glue puts them right back on the seat. Guess what else – these robots can listen to their owner’s commands via a walkie-talkie speaker! Plus they use a small remote-operated automatic whip to discipline the camels! Tour Abu Dhabi and you might be able to get your hands on one of these robot jockey fellas.

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  1. The Cops Drive Bentleys

dubai police car

You wonder what kinds of cars Dubai police uses, to help them catch up with the speeding Bentleys and Ferraris out there. Well, Bentleys and Ferraris, of course! How could you possibly chase a supercar with a mid-sized Chevy, Ford or Subaru? So law enforcers zoom behind the lawbreakers in their custom supercars painted with Dubai police logos and information. In fact, in 2013 and 2014, the Dubai cops added a McLaren and a Bugatti Veyron to their fleet. They have a Lamborghini Avantador as well, which has a 69- horsepower V12 engine mounted in the middle.  So that’s how it is that the Dubai police can go from zero to 60 in less than 3 seconds. Now you know.

  1. Police Force’s Private Band Of Bagpipers

Police Force’s Private Band Of Bagpipers

Who do you think of when you hear bagpipes? The Scots, right? Well, wrong, but all counts. Apparently bagpipes are from the Gulf and not from Scotland, according to Dr. Peter Frankopan from the Oxford College’s Centre for Byzantine Research.  Apparently, Persia’s had a long relationship with all forms of music from the shepherd world. Imagine – the dark-eyed Arabs in their white dishdashas playing bagpipes. Somehow your mind thinks – shouldn’t the player be red-headed? Hey, the professors disagree!

  1. Outlandish Designs Not Able To Leave The Drawing Board

international chess city

Dubai, for all its architectural marvels such as the Burj Khalifa and the Palm Islands, is the author of several outlandish folly plans that never left the drawing board. We thank the Powers That Be for that. Here’s one – an International Chess City, which was to be a cluster of 32 black and white skyscrapers that would look like chess pieces. It never took off. Then there was the Steven Gerrard Dynamic Tower that was designed to spin in every which direction. Ouch! We’re really glad that one didn’t make it either!

  1. There Are No Proper Postal Addresses!

No Proper Postal Addresses

Well here is the weirdest of them all – there is no proper address system in the UAE. There is no house or street numbers, or anything that is marked. Homes and locations are described using relative landmarks or famous streets plus a whole lot of hand-waving and looking vague as hell.  What about deliveries? Hey, what about pizza?  Now you know why the people of the UAE throng the malls – online shopping can never catch on here, and why would it?

  1. Very Rich Lost And Founds!

lost and found in dubai

The UAE’s residents are well and truly minted. In fact, in 2015, the lost-and-found statistics indicate that a passenger left cash of AED146,000 in a Dubai Airport toilet cubicle! Then again, the police found two diamond rings worth AED150,000 in the airport toilet. In 2016, a taxi driver handed over a large gold ingot that had been forgotten in his cab by a passenger, worth AED3.5million. Go figure!

  1. Dubai’s Vending Machine Spits Gold

Dubai’s Vending Machine Spits Gold

This, you simply must experience for yourself. In Dubai, you can buy just about anything from a vending machine. The Gold to Go ATM in Dubai Mall lets you actually purchase gold in 24 carat, starting at 2.5-grams to an one-ounce gold bar. The computer within the vending machine updates the gold pricing according to market fluctuations as well! Can you imagine that?!!


That’s not all, though. Dubai has a ski resort, within the Emirates Mall, and an ice staking rink, within the Dubai Mall. It’s the incongruity of it that appeals to the Arabs! We think it’s cute. Then, there’s the fact that speeding on highways is considered a national sport in the UAE. Even the police tend to look away if the driver does it safely. There are many strange, odd and quirky things about the UAE that you won’t find elsewhere. Get on that plane and find out for yourself!

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