5 Destinations That Will Actually Pay You to Live There

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Who wouldn’t want to be paid to actually just live in place? Isn’t it the dream to be paid to live in a beautiful place, get paid for that and do whatever you want. Well, this dream is actually a reality for some people as there are places which will actually pay to live there. Be it under population or any other reasons, these places provide their residents monetary and tax benefits that equal up to a decent amount of money. What’s more that these places are quite beautiful and good places to live. So, here are 5 destinations that will actually pay to live there.

Niagara Falls, New York

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Each year, the Niagara Falls sees millions of visitors coming from all over the world to see the world’s most powerful waterfalls, and take a ride in the ‘Maid of the Mist’. However, the city with the same name has been struggling to keep its residents. Niagara Falls city now has a population which is lesser than 50,000. Many people move out in search of greener pastures, and the city has suffered because of this. It is mostly young people that they have been struggling to keep within their borders. So, to attract them back, the people of the city started a program called the Downtown Housing Incentive Program, which is aimed at people who have student loans to pay off. Student loans is one of the most common type of debts incurred by US nationals, and they struggle for years to pay it off. Through their program, new citizens of Niagara Falls get close to $3500 for up to 2 years as reimbursement of their student loans. This program has worked and drawn a sizeable young population to Niagara Falls. Hopefully, in the coming years the population of the city will recover well.

The State of Alaska

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Alaska is US’ Northernmost state, separated by Canada. It is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, but the weather conditions are harsh. Living here can be tough during winter but the payout is awesome. Alaska is rich in oil and minerals, and in 1976, the people of the state decided that all the residents should get advantage of this. So, 25% of the money made from oil is invested in the ‘Permanent Fund’, which is then further invested in stocks and other forms of assets. This results in a dividend for each resident of Alaska, which is payable from Jan 1 to March 31. The highest amount given out was in 2008, which was a whopping $3,269. So, does that make you interested in living in this beautiful destination? You just have to spend 180 days each year to be eligible.

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Harmony, Minnesota

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This small town is actually quite beautiful. There’s also peace and tranquility. But the problem here is the population. The town barely has a population of more than 1000 residents. Plus, there was a lack of young blood coming into town to live and build permanent homes. So, as a solution to this problem, the townspeople started a program where they paid off close to $12,000 to people who choose to build their homes there. The amount can increase depending on the size of your home. The maximum you get is up to 5% paid by the city. And what’s even better is that lots for building homes are priced between just $10,000 to $15,000. Therefore, you are practically getting your land for free for building a home. So, who want’s to live in Harmony?

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New Haven, Connecticut

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Now, the benefits that one is entitled to living in this gorgeous city will actually make you want to pack your bags and move here immediately. You can get up to $80,000 in incentives like forgivable loans and college tuition reimbursements. First-time home buyers are entitled to a loan of $10,000 that you can use as down payment on your home. If you retain your home for more than 5 years, this loan is completely forgiven. Then you further get a loan of $30,000 for home upgrades for energy saving. If you live in this home for the next 10 years, this loan is also forgiven. And the biggest benefit is free tuition in any college in the state of Connecticut. Imagine getting such awesome benefits for just living in New Haven.

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Curtis Nebraska

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This town with a population of 832 is literally giving away lots for free for people to build their home. Why? Because by 2020, the town is predicted to get even smaller. A lot of the population is moving out. So, to keep them and attract more, the town is giving away free lots for people to build their homes on. These lots are actually located on paved streets, and to further sweeten the deal, you will also get free hookup to utilities like water and electricity. All you have to do is ensure that your home is ready within the stipulated 24 months. The town is beautiful, and you also have a gorgeous 18-hole Golf Course Arrowhead Meadows to make you time here even more enjoyable.

These are the 5 beautiful destinations that pay you to live there. They pay you through loans, benefits, tax rebates, college grants, etc. There are other cities as well. Even if you don’t want to go and live there, you can definitely consider them for a holiday.

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