Discover the Arabian magic with top indulgences in Ras Al Khaimah

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The northern most Emirate of the UAE is an Arabian delight which is often visited by the locals in Dubai to escape the nuisances of the city. With golden sandy beaches, lush mangroves, terracotta deserts, and the towering Hajar Mountains, you have everything here to feel relaxed during your weekend getaway. (more…)

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Things To Know About Lulu Island Abu Dhabi

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The moment Abu Dhabi is named in the context of holidaying or touring, the mind just pops out in the clouds of movies’ camel rides, desert safari dashing on sand, ancient landscapes, popular BBQ dinner and luxurious stay. Searching tours in Abu Dhabi and selecting one of the entire lists of the places is tough. To settle muddle, let’s introduce you to one of the beautiful and man -made Lulu Island. This 6km long island off the coast sits enclosed in the area of 1050 acre (4.2 km^2) .

Most of the sites mention this island formation as “crab like pincer” which unwraps from Abu Dhabi Breakwater and enfolds to Zayed Sea Port. Its magnificence is not just the piece of talk, but the pro is its savior concept to protect Abu Dhabi from the high tides of Arabian Gulf. 600 m lagoon fronts the capital which shapes the Corniche beach into a beautiful ascent. While the name being “pearl” somehow doesn’t stand appropriate for 500 m of its space which has completely unusual atmosphere and barren ground.

Lulu Island

Before you step on the boat and glide along; a sneak peek to what things are prevalent in this island, which is the major attraction in Abu Dhabi: –

  • Lying in the north of Abu Dhabi, this place has beaches, cafes, changing rooms, restaurants, also areas to picnic and travel. The figure list includes two restaurants and four coffee shops with a trail for camel and horse riding.
  • The amenities extend with the boats, trains and buses waiting for people to travel. Standing boats take the visitors from the dock near the Emirates Heritage Village to Lulu Island. Around 4 boats and sea buses are available having potential to hold 25 and 60 people respectively.
  • The beholding and unique display of Lulu Island is unavoidable. The beautiful beaches on the north and south shores of island are striking view for visitors. A blissful experience is the scene of two artificial lakes which is the sanctuary of animals and birds.
  • The exceptionality of Lulu Island is its quietness and serenity. Such island intakes all; from paddlers, water sports indulgers and wakeboarders enjoying in the calm bay of the ocean side to the private boats available for group to moving in together.
  • A proclamation in tours of Abu Dhabi is made about the opening of Lulu Island to the public. On the Friday night, around 20 boats are cut off to coasts to keep it convenient for people to travel across the island. The team has managed to give more on the demands available. The campfires and tent on the Corniche Beach is taking much eyes.
  • The finest thing in Lulu Island is the shady areas for the visitors that are available at every 500 m. This shady tent makes you feel relax and comfy at times you really want to. It’s a picture-perfect place for camping, picnic and tour.

In the island of 33000 populations, around 40% of space is treated as an open area and more than 70% is declared to be explored by the public. Its land reclamation seeded in 1988 and completed in 1992. There came ups and downs in the development that has been projected for the island. Today the development has been completed and thing left as per the engineer is just consistent maintenance.

This piece of attraction in Abu Dhabi stands iconic in the list of human achievement. It’s a marvelous piece of man-made architecture which has partly manicured sustenance and a bit of rough terrain. The island which stems from the human efforts are hardly occupied and mostly abandoned but still manages to be the most wonderful experience of your travel life.

The other great attractions in Abu Dhabi are: -Yas Island, Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi Corniche, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Emirates Palace, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

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Top 10 Hidden Destinations a Every Daring Traveller Should Visit

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The spirit of adventure lies behind most desires to travel. Adventure beckons those who dare. There are many destinations around the world, that are not very famous, owing to fact that only daring travellers have the courage to visit them. So, if you are a traveller that likes to push the limit, and set set new boundaries, here are 10 hidden destinations that you must if you are a daring person.


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Top 10 Destinations to Visit in Southeast Asia

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The world is waking up to the beauty of Southeast Asia. For the past couple of decades, tourism to the region has been growing, especially visit to Singapore. The world loves this island nation. Similarly, quite a few of the Southeast Asian nations are made up of islands. So, you can find a variety of beautiful terrain, from thick rainforests to virgin beaches. However, it can be a bit overwhelming to decide where to holiday, so, here’s a look at the top 10 destinations to visit in Southeast Asia, so you can plan a vacation at the earliest.


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Top 5 Places That Will Amaze With Their Construction & Architecture

I love to travel. Even when I was a kid, I’d sneak off to the local mall, and spend hours admiring the massive structure from inside and out. And of course, I’d get punished when I got back home. But it was worth it. Now I am an adult, and with my own money, I travel the world.


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