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Abu Dhabi Desert

Abu Dhabi Golden Desert

The first thing that pops into our mind when we read the word ‘desert’, is the vast stretch of golden sand. However, there is much more to a desert city than just endless dunes of sand. Abu Dhabi is one such city that offers a wide variety of activities for people to try and enjoy. One of the things to do in Abu Dhabi that was, at one point, a mode of transportation in the city, is to try camel trekking in the capital city of UAE. If you want to go on a wild adventure ride with Desert Safari Abu Dhabi is the best optionCamels are said to be God’s blessing to the Bedouins. People in the good ‘old days utilized the camels either to trade or for transporting merchandise from one place to another. Adventures were constantly done in gatherings known as parades. Camels bear the solid winds of the desert; in this way, they are additionally named as the “ships of the desert”. Their capacity and quality to go far separations for quite a while without sustenance and water made these great animals so important and a part of the Arabic custom.

Discover the never-ending expanse of the United Arab Emirates’s capital desert from the back of a camel. Relish an amendment of perspective and let these friendly “desert ships” carry you dependably over the sand dunes. Leave the hustle and bustle of the large town behind and see the Arabian Desert. Admire the imposing sand dunes and revel in the unbelievable view.

For camel trekking, Abu Dhabi is the perfect place to enjoy it and make it a memorable experience. One of the things to do in Abu Dhabi, especially while traveling on the back of a camel, is to keep your camera ready and your hand steady for clicking some amazing scenes of the desert. You should get on immediately while the camel is sitting on the sand. Feel the fun of rising with the camel as it will stand immediately as you sit atop.

Abu Dhabi Camel Trekking is an amazing opportunity for the travelers to ride on the back of the camel over the unlimited spreading sands of the Abu Dhabi desert. You can encounter the subtleties of a camel ride through camel trekking. You can encounter the strange feeling of being lifted uncertain as the camel extends its long legs to begin the trekking.

Camel Riding in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Camel Riding

Camels are a piece of regular day to day existence on the off chance that you live in the UAE. It’s not strange to see them meandering out yonder while driving on the roadways and camel drain and meat can be seen in numerous restaurants and markets.  As encompassing as we are by all things camel, it’s anything but difficult to overlook you can actually go riding. Camel trekking Abu Dhabi has become one of the activities to take part in the golden city.

The excitement and fun of it are simply exceptional. You get an opportunity to look at the desert from a Bedouin’s viewpoint. Camel ride gives you a chance to watch the flora and fauna of this desolate land. Some of the time wild foxes or Gazelles go over though some blessed individuals spot desert owls. Camel rides at camel farms are further energizing since you get an opportunity to learn about the camel reproducing process also. Farmers at these farms explain the process and technique of nurturing and breeding the camels.

You’ll have a lovely time with your family and companions. If you need to have some good times in this emirate, keep in mind to enjoy camel safari which will help you encounter what it is like to stay in Abu Dhabi. Tourists and local people alike are getting a charge out of this as a feature of their visit when they come to Abu Dhabi. You’ll have the opportunity to realize what it feels like to be in the desert where you can likewise perceive how the Arabs live. To witness the old and cutting-edge architecture of this place, you wouldn’t want to miss this place and what it has to offer.

Take a break from the highest sand dunes to explore the beauty of the desert, get a chance to see a desert snake crawling nearby and click some memorable pictures with the camel.

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