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Abu Dhabi Aquarium

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Abu Dhabi Aquarium


Abu Dhabi is all set to stun the world with its new AED850 million ($231 million) construction project, to be unveiled in 2018 (date not specified yet). The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has embarked on the Al Qana project in partnership with AlBarakah International Investments. According to Misbah Mubarak Al Marar, Acting Director General of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, Al Qana will be the city’s first-ever Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model. The building is being jointly developed in cahoots with the private sector. Saeed Bin Omair, the Chairman of AlBarakah International Investments has revealed that the Al Qana project, when completed, will cover an area of 150,000 square meters, extending over an area of 2.4 kilometers along the picturesque Al Maqta canal, located in the Khor Al Maqta area in Abu Dhabi. Al Qana will be one of the new urban landmarks of Abu Dhabi, next to the Louvre and the Guggenheim Museums. Al Qana is meant to be a major tourist draw to Abu Dhabi, and also serve as a premium luxury entertainment destination for Abu Dhabi’s residents.

The Abu Dhabi Aquarium

As its prime attraction, Al Qana will have an aquarium of stunning proportions – 5,000 square meters! It will be the biggest aquarium in all of the United Arab Emirates. The new aquarium will beat the Underwater Zoo and Aquarium at the Dubai Mall by many hundreds of square meters. Take a backseat, Dubai! It’ll be some time before you can purchase Abu Dhabi aquarium tickets and get ready for an Abu Dhabi aquarium tour, but do make your plans. It’ll be the greatest treat for the young ones in your family!

Total Family and Tourist Entertainment Venue

The new aquarium will be accompanied by the largest cinema the UAE has seen as well. Abu Dhabi’s ambitious new project will also feature a 98-berth marina, several restaurants and cafes, a huge cinema, a number of cycling tracks and a huge area dedicated to indoor and outdoor sports. That apart, there’ll be huge family entertainment center including picnic areas and community shops; a picturesque walkway connected by four bridges is also planned. Include running and cycling tracks and parking for around 3,000 vehicles and you have the makings of a gigantic venue for the whole family to enjoy in Abu Dhabi. We simply cannot wait! There were plenty of fabulous reasons to visit Abu Dhabi before this, but with Al Qana in the works, Abu Dhabi will become the hottest destination for tourists looking for the next thrill. So watch out for the great unveil and book your tickets in advance to be the first ever people to enjoy Al Qana’s immense attractions.