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Observation Deck At 300 Abu Dhabi

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Observation Deck At 300 Abu Dhabi


On the 74th level of the Tower B of Jumeirah at Etihad Towers hotel complex in Abu Dhabi is an amazing viewing platform called the Observation Deck at 300. It’s the highest point in Abu Dhabi, unless you are able to climb one of the city’s tall peaks. So get ready for one of the most comprehensive and phenomenal views of the Abu Dhabi city skyline from the Observation Deck Abu Dhabi. You’ll get an uninterrupted, 360 degree view of the entire city.

Easy Way To Grab The View For Free!

The view from the Observation Deck at 300 Abu Dhabi is so famous that it is on every tourist’s must-do list when they visit Abu Dhabi. Visitors who want to climb up to the observation deck are required to buy tickets for the viewing platform. However, if you want to enjoy those views for free, eat something at the Jumeirah Hotel first. You’ll be given a ticket to enjoy the views for free.

Redeem The Entry Fee For Food!

Another cool thing you can do is pay the entry fee for the view and redeem it for refreshments later at the observation deck 300 Abu Dhabi’s restaurant. Sit at your leisure in the restaurant that’s located at Abu Dhabi’s highest point and enjoy high tea while the fabulous city is laid out in front of you, 74 levels below. If you’re yet to check out the Burj Khalifa, the Observation Deck at 300 your best bet for scintillating, far-reaching views.

The Observation Deck Abu Dhabi Experience!

After you’ve paid the entry fee, a high-speed elevator whizzes you directly up to the graceful observation deck. Only a few people are allowed up on the deck at a given point in time, in order to allow everyone to enjoy the breathtaking spectacles along the Arabian Gulf. The total height advantage at the observation deck is 300 meters above the cityscape. When you stand there, you’ll enjoy 360 degree vistas comprising of the major landmarks of Abu Dhabi – the pristine turquoise ocean, the Corniche, the city’s stunning beaches, the Marina Mall, Sky Tower, the Presidential Palace, the Emirates Palace and more. Obtain observation deck Abu Dhabi Tickets from Abu Dhabi to enjoy the glittering skylines, the distant sea and the mystical red dunes of the Abu Dhabi desert.


The observation deck is a favorite haunt among honeymooners who come to Abu Dhabi. Ease into the stylish seating areas with a cup of tea and some of the finest High Tea delicacies available at the observation deck’s café. There are several sophisticated telescopes for those who want a deeper look into Abu Dhabi’s compelling architectural attractions. Grab your observation deck Abu Dhabi Tickets from Abu Dhabi today for the treat of a lifetime!