Louvre Abu Dhabi-A silent story teller of world’s heritage

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When I say the museum, what picture do you frame? Somewhat of an old, dusty and wrecked construction storing some unusual and past artifacts. However today we are overwhelmed with the classic infrastructure that surrounds us. And the recent winning hat for amazing us is on the Louvre Abu Dhabi. This place is going to woo you with its magnetizing location and presence over the sea. This most anticipated project done by the supremely renowned architecture of the era, Jean Nouvel, unveiled its curtains last year. And to no surprise, visitors have flooded the museum in hours.

The captivating and mind-blowing construction is not just a historical artifacts’ auditorium but even discloses secrets of many cultural civilizations.

Louvre Abu Dhabi is a feat of an Architectural Marvel-

Louvre Abu Dhabi Architecture

Beautifully placed on the Saadiyat Island Cultural District, this museum is 24,000 sqm in size with 8,000 sqm of galleries. It is spread in an unbelievable area making it the largest art museum in Arab Peninsula. The French architect Nouvel was quite inspired by the concept of Arab medina and crafted a dome which had brilliant 8000 stars weighing hugely around 7,500 tons. The satellite observes the 180 m wide construction under its lens and we see a hemispherical structure that has star sprinkled look at the top beside the green coast on the wavy shimmering sea. This island group out of the sea creates an interesting vision for the spectators as they walk over the granite paving and feel the rain of light showered from the floating dome’s stars. The so-called floating dome is a masterpiece for the way it’s crafted. Giving the high and soaring skyscraper a setback, this low slung dome has no visible support and breathes in the air from all 4 sides.

It’s the complete appetite of global culture-

Louvre Abu Dhabi Global Culture

It’s rare and uncommon to find a museum which homes all possible history periods from across the globe in equal measure. In a very organized and progressive order, the place pictures the human history. While the art world waited, a huge milestone was set by the UAE in the space of the decade.

55 detached building where 23 are contributed to the galleries; you can arrive to witness all the subjects of art, culture, and civilization. You get an inspiring collection of artworks, artifacts and more from France’s paramount museums. The Louvre has tried to bring the diversity of globe stored under the same roof and ignite people with the various civilizations those grew and evolved. The wow factor is that the museum does not just rely on what has happened in the past and keep them preserved but has rather fused the history with today’s value. Yes, you can praise top artists of today on universal themes and ideas here.

This billion-dollar art collection prides on, ‘Madonna and Child’, ‘Woman portrait’, ‘8th Century’s Octagonal Box’, painting of ‘Game and Bezique’ and other prestigious pieces.

It’s more than just a museum-

abu dhabi louvre

Louvre Abu Dhabi encloses: –

Comprehensive Galleries- Based on 12 chapters of humanity, the galleries are opened to display prehistoric artifacts and modern works. Creating a universal means, the galleries explain the common connection every human history has across all parts.

Award-winning exhibition- There have to be 4 temporary exhibitions throughout the year with the collaboration of Abu Dhabi and France. Thirteen French museums are partnering for the spectators of Louvre and to keep it on the parallel line the exhibitions are done on the same theme as the permanent galleries of Louvre.

Fun Children’s Museum- This is a special dedicated place in the center of the dome that has educational and engaging context for children from six to twelve. Your kids learn fascinating information about Turkish ceramics, French vases, 19th-century paintings and other displays.  The aim is to inspire the young minds through family-focused exhibitions and workshops.

This urban museum also shelters restaurants, cafes gift shops and large public place to enjoy the ambiance.

The upcoming events Gracing the museum-

The poetry of the late Sheikh Zayed: You can visit the entire museum living in the fragrance of music on 21st February at 7 PM.

From One Louvre to Another: Join the chance to go to the museum and find all of the fascinating stories and collections of the 17th-18th century till 7th April 2018.

Co-Lab: The contemporary art and savoir fare by 4 renowned artists are displayed till 25th March 2018.

It’s a play of nature and climate-

Louvre Abu Dhabi Visual

The dome acts as a canopy for all buildings lying under it to be shielded from the sunlight. During the day, an interesting event of light and shade creates a gasping impression leaving cool climate inside while at the night it seems to be an extraordinary art dancing above the sea.

It welcomes you through land and water-

Louvre Abu Dhabi Entry Route

Louvre Abu Dhabi doesn’t stop surprising you here. The transport system is equally exciting and thrilling as both land and seas are opened to bestow you with this amazing place. You can both hail from Abu Dhabi or Dubai, and then follow the signs to Saadiyat Island. Choose car, bus, taxi, or bike for your trip to Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Budget-friendly admission

Any adult who wants to be the spectator of this magnificent journey has to pay just 63AED.

There are discounts for some categories of humans and the reduced price becomes 31.5 AED: –

  • Young generation between 13 and 22 years.
  • UAE School teachers, college faculty and teachers, and military.
  • Auditorium ticket holders


The museum sets a benchmark for the unbeatable entrance fees it has for this outstanding infrastructure.

Buy your tickets online with the help of representatives. Getting admission will make you run through all the parts of the museum in peace and calm. You can take advantage of the various categories as one-day pass, multi-cultural performances, art clubs and more. Take your time, gaze at the paintings and art, learn the human’s civilizations, shop and eat, and bring home a lot of memories.

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