Things to Know About Abu Dhabi before you Plan to visit

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Abu Dhabi is known for many reasons – from cultural to modern attractions to family getaways, it has everything to offer. Being the second largest city and the capital of U.A.E., if you’re planning to visit Abu Dhabi, there are a few things you should know and consider before your visit. Abu Dhabi is a city which is more conservative compared to Dubai, and it’s a city which values its traditions along with its strict legal system. Here are few key points to know before you go.Here are some of the information about Abu Dhabi.

1. Climate

October to April is the best time to visit Abu Dhabi, which provides the best kind of weather due to its potential rains and wind. While from May to October, it can become unbearable because of the heat and humidity. So, choose the month wisely for the best experience of Abu Dhabi.
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2. Dress Code

Clothing is a serious thing to consider while visiting Abu Dhabi. Being an Islamic city, as a traveler, you must wear appropriate clothes. For females, it’s best to cover their knees and shoulders, especially during your visit to public places like malls and clubs. At hotels and resorts, you can wear your beach outfit. If your outfit is not fit for the public then it may cause unnecessary attention and offense. One tip is to carry a pashmina at many air-conditioned venues as it can get really cold.
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3. It is okay if you can’t speak Arabic

Arabic is the main spoken language in UAE. If you aren’t fluent in speaking their native language, then worry not as there are other languages spoken in Abu Dhabi. 5-star hotels and resorts have well-trained staffs who can speak not only English but other different languages such as Russian, German and Chinese. However, you must learn a few basic words, especially at the airport.
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4. Getting Around is easy in Abu Dhabi

One of the best ways to get around Abu Dhabi is via a taxi. Quite common and easy to find, the fare rate of Abu Dhabi taxis is far cheaper compared to other taxis of other countries. Several types of taxis are available for everyone. If you want to experience your ride in the older gen taxis with meters, then there are white and gold taxis. However, these taxi drivers may negotiate the fare before they take you to your preferred location. There are female taxi drivers who drive around Abu Dhabi in pink taxis which are meant for families and female passengers. Most of the taxi drivers know in-and-around the landmarks of Abu Dhabi like hotels, malls, etc.
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5. Beyond the Dress Code

Abu Dhabi is a strict Islamic city, so there are quite a few rules and regulations to be followed during Ramadan, regarding food habits. Make sure to follow them so as to not be a hassle for people who are fasting  In case of medicines, carrying aspirin with yourself would be the best option as medicines in Abu Dhabi are very expensive. Medicines prescribed by your doctor are a big no as Abu Dhabi does not allow to carry such documents.

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6. Tipping

One of the common practices followed in Abu Dhabi is to tip hotel staffs, waiters, taxi drivers and car valets for their service. Just make sure you check your bill before leaving a tip. One recommendation is to tip 10% by cash and not by credit card.
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7. Consuming Alcohol

If you’re in a mood to drink then you can purchase alcohol at restaurants, nightclubs, and bars, which are associated with hotels. Another option would be to dine out in some of the best fancy restaurants that offer a fantastic mixture of alcohol found only in Abu Dhabi. However, you must not consume alcohol in public places and if found you can be charged wither with an expensive fine or a night in jail.
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8. Avoid Public Affection

Abu Dhabi follows its laws strictly and hence, you must respect and abide their rules. Holding your partner’s hand is fine but nothing beyond that as it is not tolerated by locals. If one of the local reports or an officer sees you showing public affection beyond holding hands then get ready to face some hefty fines or more based on the degree of rule breaking.

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9. Experience Wildlife and Animals

Abu Dhabi was just a passing place in the earlier days but now its home to acacia, eucalyptus trees, and date palms. It is also home to more than 52 species of reptiles, along with other mammals like sharks, whales, dolphins, and dugongs, with Abu Dhabi being the second largest population of dugongs in the world. You’ll also find around 13,000 animals at Sir Bani Yas Island as their home.
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10. Show-off your Sunglasses

Carrying your sunglasses along is not just to show-off the set of pairs you have but also to protect your eyes. For outdoor activities, your sunglasses will surely help due keep away the heat outside. In case you forget, you can visit Galleria Mall to shop for the best of sunglasses available there.

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Do not let the set of things mentioned above bother you before your visit to Abu Dhabi. Follow these tips and you’ll have the best time out there. Items like sunscreen, beach towels are found everywhere, and they are relatively very cheap. Make sure to carry less in your baggage as buying things in Abu Dhabi will take a lot of space of your baggage.


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