Top 10 Hidden Destinations a Every Daring Traveller Should Visit

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The spirit of adventure lies behind most desires to travel. Adventure beckons those who dare. There are many destinations around the world, that are not very famous, owing to fact that only daring travellers have the courage to visit them. So, if you are a traveller that likes to push the limit, and set set new boundaries, here are 10 hidden destinations that you must if you are a daring person.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

victoria falls in zimbabwe

The treacherous, powerful, and stunning Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is a destination for extreme sports. Many people come to Zimbabwe for the safaris, but only a few know about the great adventures that hide in the waterfall. For a small price, you can indulge in adventures like Bungee Jumping, White Water Rafting, Zipline, Rapp Jump, Gorge Swing, Flying Fox, etc. You name it and you can find that adventure at Victoria Falls.

Angel Falls, Venezuela

The world’s highest waterfall is like an adventure like no other. Just getting here is an adventure. First, you have to get to the Canaima National Park, then take a boat ride, and then hike up the slippery trail up to the falls. This journey is not for the faint hearted. Many trekkers just turn back halfway, not able to do the ascend. So are you daring enough to take this journey to the world’s highest waterfall?

Leh, Ladakh


How does a trek where you first have to get acclimatised to the area, so you won’t collapse sound? Scary, right? That’s what happens in Ladakh. Leh is the capital where you have to spend time and get used to the thin air and harsh conditions. Only after that can you try ascending the Himalayan Summit. There’s a base camp at Stok Kangri from where you head out for a night trek. Yes, you’ve read right – night trek. You’ll make it just in time for the sunrise. The sight is worth all the troubles.

Kilauea, Hawaii, USA

Mt. Kilauea is the world’s most active volcano. So who in their right mind would want to go there? Well, quite a few adventure seekers have made it into a hiking trail. You can hear and feel the ground shake, and the lava keeps oozing out and flowing into the ocean. You can get up close to the active zone. The last time there was a big eruption was in 1983. Today, there are only small eruptions, safe enough to observe from nearby. This adventure will give you a thrill like no other.

Annapurna, Nepal

Nepal is home to the highest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest. But did you know that it is not the deadliest mountain in the world. This infamous tag belongs to Annapurna. With a death rate of 38%, this mountain is extremely difficult to conquer. Only 157 people have done it. This is the place where you can push the boundaries of your mountain climbing skills. However, it is better to try Mt. Everest first. Much easier.

Pipeline, Oahu

Surfing may seem like fun, but it is quite a dangerous sport. You can get sucked right into the depths or worse, get eaten by a shark (quite rare though). However, daring travellers get to the North Shore of Oahu to try and conquer the waves at Pipeline. This place is considered as the deadliest place for surfers. So, if you want to face a thrill like no other, Pipeline is the place to be. Please do consider the crazy death toll first.

Kjerag, Norway

This amazing place is known for base jumping. Base jumping is the world’s most deadly sport, but that does not stop adrenalin seekers. This base jumping site is part of the fjord, and you will be treated to the most amazing panoramic views, as glide down with your parachute to the landing spot.

Antarctica Cruise

Battle cold, frostbite, and inhuman conditions to enjoy the most surreal views of Antarctica. Today, there are organized cruises to the white continent, but only a daring few board these cruises. Do this cruise for the bragging rights of taking the most unusual cruise in the world.

Egypt’s Blue Hole, Egypt 

Considered the most dangerous scuba diving site in the world, Blue Hole has taken many lives. There’s an arch underwater that takes divers into open waters, and it is 56 metres deep. Many divers suffer Nitrogen Narcosis, and they descend to their death. However, this place is still considered to be an adventure, and a daring few divers love diving here. Do this at your own risk.

Mount Gambier, Australia

mount gambier

Cave diving is quite dangerous, and nothing’s worse than the shaft sinkhole in Mount Gambier. To get through the sinkhole, divers actually have to remove their equipment as it does not fit through. Once through, divers have to re-equip themselves and breathe as less as possible to conserve air, while exploring the underwater cave. This place has taken many lives, and continues to be a dangerous spot.

The above mentioned adventures are quite popular with daring travellers. However, it is advised to avoid places where people have lost their lives. After all, to explore more adventures, you need to be alive. However, these adventures are sure to get your heart pumping.

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