Top 5 Attractions In Abu Dhabi That You Must Explore

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Top Attractions in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates, is an industrious city with a beautiful waterside location. The city makes a great escapade and wows everyone who visits the place with beautiful attractions to explore.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

One of the most iconic buildings in the country, this mosque is also a key site for worship in Abu Dhabi. The place is so large that it can easily hold 40000 worshipers in its intricately carved and designed premises.

Heritage Village and Museum

Get a glimpse of the emirate’s past life by visiting the Heritage Village and Museum in Abu Dhabi. Every aspect of the traditional way of desert life of the city is displayed here, including a goat hair’s tent and a campfire with coffee pots.

Dhow Cruise Dinner

Enjoy a scrumptious buffet dinner on a luxurious wooden Dhow, the traditional boat used by merchants and traders, while visiting Abu Dhabi. Take in the peaceful and mesmerizing sights of the Golden city in all its beauty while on-board the cruise.

Jet Ski in Abu Dhabi

Go on a heart-pumping adventurous water ride on the coast of Abu Dhabi by renting a Jet Ski. You can also go tandem and share the exhilarating thrill of this rental with a friend or a family member. A perfect ride for those who love water activities.

Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

Go on an extremely fun ride while participating in dune bashing on the Abu Dhabi desert. After this hop on the ship of the desert that will take you for a short ride. Abu Dhabi Desert safari is an enjoyable trip for every person who becomes a part of it.

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