Top 7 Adventures In The World That You Should Not Miss

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world adventures
Few years from now, you will regret about never having the guts to get moving and go on adventures that you so badly wanted to. It may be your job, your career or your family, that has been holding you back and you keep your adventurous mind on hold. But you must realize that there’s always something or the other coming up and you never actually get to that ‘right’ time to explore the world and go on new adventures by leaving your daily life behind.
Well, what if we list down the adventures that you can actually have without sacrificing a lot of your personal goals? So, throw out your safe harbour and explore new places, dream and discover new adventures and make memories worth looking back. Read on at the compilation of this list, pack your bags and leave, now!

United Arab Emirates

Desert Safari Abu dhabi

Desert Safari Abu dhabi

Experience the best of UAE by taking over the golden sand. For desert safari Abu Dhabi is the place for you to explore and enjoy the thrilling adventure. Encounter the best of Abu Dhabi on a 5-hour desert safari that opens you to the extraordinary side of the capital city’s rich and unique culture. Drive over the sand hills, encounter a camel ride into the desert dusk, and appreciate an Arabian BBQ and show. Desert Safari Abu Dhabi is the perfect adventure if you want to discover Abu Dhabi. Enjoy an exciting excursion over the sand dunes and stop at the tallest sand hill to watch the flora and fauna of the desert and to click some amazing pictures.


On the off chance that bungee jumping is excessively extreme, or you’ve officially marked it off your rundown, take a stab at zorbing in Interlaken, Switzerland, an incredibly famous enterprise sports mecca roosted in the focal point of the Swiss Alps. Like bungee jumping, zorbing was additionally advanced by a gathering of fearless New Zealanders and is certain to get your blood pumping. The zorb is an inflatable, straightforward ball — a bubble or hamster ball – and remains around nine feet high. Suspended in the middle is an inward ball with straps and saddles, which secure the rider inside. When prepared, the zorb is moved down a slope.


Sky Diving Australia

Sky Diving Australia

Why sail or scuba the Great Barrier Reef when you can skydive over it? Book a pair hop in Cairns for ethereal perspectives of both the reef and World Heritage Rainforest. After a brief, however exciting free-fall from 14,000 feet, your parachute will open — you’ll inhale a perceptible murmur of help — and delicately drift down to earth while you’re skydiving teacher brings up everything worth seeing.




Trekking Machu Picchu remains Peru’s greatest draw, however sand-boarding is rapidly picking up popularity among adventure devotees. Like snowboarding and surfing, this game involves riding a board however, for this situation, you’re cruising down a gigantic sand rise rather than a wave or mountain. Hop on a visit to Huacachina or Arequipa, seaside leave territories south of Lima, which more often than excludes an exciting 4-wheel rise surrey ride up and around the sandy terrain.

San Francisco

shark cage diving

shark cage diving

Get very close with Great White sharks on a cage diving enterprise in the Farallon Islands, 29 miles west of the Golden Gate Bridge. Incredible White sharks chase elephant seals and ocean lions along the northern California drift from August through January before migrating retreat to the Pacific Ocean, and late-September through November is the best time of year for greatest QT with Jaws.


bungge jumping

bungee jumping

Pre or post-safari getaway, turn the excitement number up to 11 with an elating jump off the notorious, provincial period Victoria Falls Bridge — don’t stress, it’s OK to shout. The Victoria Falls bungee jump – which likewise incorporates swing and zip-line choices — is particularly well known because of its jaw-dropping location straddling the Zambezi River, close to the Zambia and Zimbabwe border, and neglecting one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.


The tiny Himalayan kingdom of Nepal is maybe best known for being home to Mt. Everest, the world’s tallest mountain, however there are elective approaches to experience Nepal’s beautiful stretch of mountain ranges and unmatched hospitality. The Annapurna Circuit trek – which ascends to an elevation of more than 17,000 feet and touches the edge of the Tibetan level — gives courageous explorers a chance to wonder about the biggest mountains on the planet and push themselves physically while at the same time finding out about Nepalese and Tibetan culture.

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