Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Tours

Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi Tours

A Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi! If you can imagine anything more romantic than riding over the red desert sand dunes with the desert breezes blowing in your face, do let us know.  We can take you on a dream safari in the vehicle of your choice – a Hummer, a camel or a quad bike.  Come, join us and let us take you to the ancient sands of Arabia in a Morning Safari, Evening Safari or an Overnight Safari.
Let The Magic Seep In
Feel the magic of the desert seep into your bones as you bounce over the dunes on a huge camel. That’s the exact same adrenaline that rushed through the blood of the ancient desert Bedouins. You’ll feel it from the moment you enter the mystical desert, so far removed from the glitz of the city, so far removed from anything civilized. An ancient land full of mystery, full of adventures, full of long-ago history that will all be yours when you join our safari.
Come take a look at our Abu Dhabi Desert Safari itinerary
The Abu Dhabi Desert Safari begins when we pick you up at your hotel in a fully air-conditioned, luxurious 4×4 and take you to our desert camp. Once at the desert, you can go dune bashing, camel riding, sand boarding, and sand skiing – all of them or whichever you prefer! Watch in awe as each vehicle leaves a mesmerizing silky trail down the golden dunes. When you’re done with your fun, we’ll treat you to a scrumptious Emirati barbecue. After which, you’re in for more treats – some scintillating live entertainment so you’ll remember your desert safari tour forever. We’ll drop you back to your hotel afterward, unless of course, you want to camp overnight in our desert camp, under the same stars that have been shining over the dunes for millennia.
Mystical Overnight Desert Safari
Our overnight safari is excitement itself; riding a camel on the dark, shifting desert dunes under the moon; dune bashing and other desert fun on sands still warm with the day’s heat; barbecue dinner under the stars while smelling the unique sweet smell of the desert. We know the magic of the desert pulls at everyone’s heart – it will pull at yours too. Watch the day break over the endless desert dunes; a desert sunrise is a marvelous sight. It’s the moment to hold hands with your friends and family and just breathe in the beauty of Abu Dhabi’s magnificent desert.