Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise

Dhow Cruise in Abu Dhabi Tour

Your trip to Abu Dhabi is simply not complete without a dhow cruise in Abu Dhabi! This isn’t just any other boat ride. It is a luxurious cruise on the Persian Gulf, on the Middle East’s oldest traditional double deck wooden boat – the dhow. Ancient Arabian mariners, traders and even smugglers would ply the waters of the Gulf in dhows. Today we have all kinds of fancy vessels on the sea, but none so romantic so filled with history as the dhow. We offer a Lunch Cruise, a Sunset Cruise and a Romantic Dinner Cruise.
Why Sign Up For Our Dhow Cruise In Abu Dhabi?
After a very hospitable, very Arabian welcome, two hours of bliss await you, including live entertainment and commentary. Cold towels are pressed into your hands to cool your cheeks in the hot sun. Fresh sweet dates, thick, sweet Arabic coffee and non-alcoholic drinks further relax you and you’ll be in the mood for some fun.
You’ll sit back now and enjoy a splendid cruise on the blue waters of the Persian Gulf, admiring the magnificent coastline spread out in front of you. As the beautifully painted traditional dhow cruises along the Corniche, get an eyeful of the Marina Eye ferries wheel, Emirates Palace Hotel and the Corniche. The city’s skyscrapers stand tall and proud, and you’ll never get better views of the Abu Dhabi waterfront than this. A delicious veg and non-veg buffet dinner wraps up the dhow cruise in Abu Dhabi – your most memorable experience while in Abu Dhabi.
Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise Dinner
It’s all about the breeze, the sunset and a candle lit dinner on a dhow – and you. It’s the very essence of romance. If you’re on a honeymoon, or taking your partner out on a romantic trip, don’t miss out on the romantic dinner dhow cruise in Abu Dhabi. Watch the sun set over the magnificent skyline, and admire the fabulous colors that you can only see in a desert sunset. It’s a painter’s dream. Melodious Arabian music surrounds you as you gently float along the Gulf, holding your beloved’s hand. From the moment you enter the dhow in the evening, you’ll have stepped into a different world. A world where romance is celebrated and the gently lapping sea and sweetly wafting breezes sing your joy out loud along with you.