Abu Dhabi Water Activities

Water Activities in Abu Dhabi

What’s the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the words ‘water activities’?  Swimming, kayaking, boating, jet skiing? You’re absolutely on the spot, but water activities in Abu Dhabi offers a lot more than that.
What’s Great About Water Activities In Abu Dhabi?
For one thing, Abu Dhabi has a fabulous beach that is dedicated to water sports only! Here you can rent supplies for every imaginable water sport. Go ahead and try your hand at paddle boarding, jet skiing, kayaking, sailing, surfing, and much more. You can learn surfing or jet skiing or any water sport that you choose from our professional trainers. Go, hit the beach, and enjoy Abu Dhabi’s water activities. The water’s cool, and the sun shines warm on your shoulders, while the desert breezes whip up the waves. Abu Dhabi’s beaches are meant for water fun, and they’re waiting for you.
Yoga On A Paddle Boat!
Oh, and we also have yoga classes on paddle boats – that is, you can learn yogic postures while on a paddle boat right in the middle of the Persian Gulf! Your kids can splash around in our friendly, fully-protected beaches. Enjoy a wonderful combination of water-based workouts – water yoga, aqua biking, water aerobics and spinning. All you need to pack is your swimming gear and goggles. Get set to live life on Abu Dhabi’s beaches like never before.
Kayak Your Way Among Ancient Mangroves
There is approximately 110 square kilometers of mangrove forests in Abu Dhabi, which support an exotic ecosystem. Here you can come across sea snakes, turtles, several fish species, and over 60 species of sea birds. Kayaking among the mangroves isn’t a picnic – it takes a great deal of skill. The roots go deep, so polish up your kayaking skills and get ready for Abu Dhabi’s mangrove forests!
Feed Your Need For Speed!
Speed jet skiing is the best way to get a massive rush of adrenalin into your system. If you haven’t tried jet skiing before, you’ll learn quickly – they are fairly easy to operate. Speed along the coastline, feasting your eyes on the Corniche and the Emirates Palace. In fact, take a nice long tour along the coast on a jet ski and do your own sightseeing! Take a break and rejuvenate your senses. Give in to fun Abu Dhabi water activities and store up fabulous memories for a lifetime!