Why Is Tourism in the UAE Head And Shoulders Above All?

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  • upcoming attractions in UAE
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  • upcoming attractions in UAE
  • unique attractions in UAE
  • activities for kids and grownups

Tourism has become the UAE’s main industry, with millions of visitors pouring in every year to check out the incredible sights and attractions of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Fujairah. The tourism industry in the UAE is leaps and bounds ahead of tourism in many other nations and there’s a good reason for this. The UAE does not rest on its laurels; it’s always coming up with something newer, something bigger, and something that simply must be seen and marveled at. There are all kinds of attractions and activities for everyone in the family – even the smallest child is not ignored. When a nation goes out of its way to make a tourist’s life so warm and welcome, is it any wonder that UAE tourism is head and shoulders above the rest?

Superb Activities for Young Kids and Grownups!

activities for kids and grownups

Consider Dubai for example – if you were taking your entire family to any other destination, you might be concerned about how the kids will fare there. Not so in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Your kids will have a great ball in Dubai at KidZania, SEGA Republic, Dubai Mall’s underwater aquarium and zoo, the Atlantis the Palm’s Lost World aquarium, Dubai Parks and Resorts, desert safaris and more. At Abu Dhabi, the Yas Waterworld, Ferrari World, Al Ain, the Abu Dhabi zoo and much more await the kids in your group. The best part is, all these attractions and activities are ones that you as the grownup can enjoy with your kids too! The UAE provides a safe environment for your kids. For example, while your kids are engaged in Legoland at Dubai Parks and Resorts, you can have fun at Bollywood Parks. There’s no danger of them getting lost or otherwise misappropriated.

Attractions That Only the UAE Can Boast Of

unique attractions in UAE

Which other nation could possibly conceive of the tallest building in the world, the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, the largest man made island in the world and the biggest mall in the world and the world’s only 7-Star hotel all within the span of a few years? That’s the UAE for you; the nation goes out of its way to build things bigger, faster and more noteworthy. Consider the Burj Khalifa for example; Dubai’s tourism has gone up to the skies ever since this magnificent monument was completed. People are still coming in hordes to check out this incredible construction. Only in the UAE can you see such major structures and out of the world designs like the needle-pointed Burj Khalifa, the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab, the wave shaped Atlantis the Palm and many others.

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Something New to Boggle the Mind at Each Visit!

upcoming attractions in UAE

That’s right. As we mentioned somewhere above, the UAE does not rest on its laurels. Each time you visit, there’ll be something new to marvel at. The Dubai Expo 2020 is coming up and Dubai is gearing up to wow the world, again, with a whole new slew of incredible structures. Dubai delights in constructing out of the world structures such as the Museum of the Future and the Dubai Frame that’ll be ready for viewing in 2018. The Museum of the Future is an oblong structure that’ll take people through innovations that will be coming up in Dubai during the next 50 years. Everything about it – the concept, the design, the structuring and the intent – they are all intrinsically Dubai. Nowhere else in the world will you find such elaborate designs encouraged and executed in such quantity. The new Dubai canal project is complete in Dubai. The Abu Dhabi Louvre is also nearing completion, as is Warner Bros., on Yas Island. So the next time you visit the UAE on pleasure, you’ll find a whole new set of fabulousness waiting for you to buy the tickets. You’ll never have to settle for the same old staid offerings, not when it comes to Dubai. There’ll always be something new and that something will startle you so much that you’ll be left gaping at it.

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Incredible Hospitality

amazing hospitality

The UAE is known for its remarkable hospitality. Emiratis are proud of their cultural heritage, of which hospitality is a huge part. Despite the tremendous changes to the UAE’s political situation and the rapid development since oil was discovered, the Emiratis haven’t given up on their age-old traditions that reflect these people’s historical reputation for courtesy, love of community and generosity. The Majlis or visitors area is always kept tidy just in case visitors drop in. The same hospitality is extended to the tourists who swarm into the UAE. The UAE’s hotels pride themselves on their grade of hospitality. Their main aim is to serve their guests to the utmost extent possible. They’ll go out of the way to satisfy a guest’s every need. This is why even the 3-Star hotels and even hostels have such a sterling reputation for service standards and hospitality in the UAE. Hostels across UAE don’t offer bed-bug-ridden beds and weak coffee. The kind of service and hospitality you’ll find at hostels in the UAE vies with 3-Star standards in other parts of the world. The Arabs believe that forcing guests to suffer lower standards is the same as lowering themselves into the dust. So they go out of their way to cherish their guests and provide rich and generous hospitality that may cost a pretty penny, but worth it nevertheless.

Strange & Surprising Sights

surprising facts in UAE

Take a stroll around the UAE’s parks and streets and you’ll see men taking their pets out for walks. So what’s strange about that, you ask. Not just any pets – definitely not even Great Danes; men in the UAE keep leopards, cheetahs, tigers and lions as pets and they’ll take them strolling on chains just like you and I would take a pet dog for a walk. You can see men driving and texting with their wild pets sitting next to them.  Look into the backyard of a huge home and you’ll see baby leopards digging into the body of a huge dolphin or tuna. On the highways, it’s best to keep your head down and drive unless you’re driving a Bentley, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Ferrari or similar multi-million car. When there’s a traffic jam, you’ll sit and pray you won’t miss your flight while your Arab neighbor calls on his helicopter to come pick him up from the middle of the road. Smart traffic jam solution, that!

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That’s our take on the fabulousness of the UAE and why it is forever refreshing itself. It’s because of the unique way of life, of thinking of the Arabs. The nation only reflects its people. Which other country do you know has turned itself around to become a major tourist hotspot in just 30 years?

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